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    Time for racing!! And anyone can do it!

    I will post a pre-checklist for what you need to bring to the Hydro-drags, I think there a couple of others. But need to get to the race. I want to encourage all those who have stood back and asked themselves is it worth it to race, is it fun to race and at my age with no experience can I do it? Yes you can!

    You will have more fun than should be allowed by laws without drinking or taking your clothes off. EVery first timer I have brought or gotten to start Hydro-drag racing has loved and are hooked on it. No matter how mild or what ski you have with wild mods or no will have a great time. The friendships alone are worth the gas and entry fees. Trailer you ski, get your race gear and tools...and you will love the whole race scene! The fans are great and they cheer you on..they even bet on you if you're winning..the fans are the 12th man of the event and make it worth the while. You will find guys who will bend over backwards to help get your ski running.

    There is competition but there is also the unspoken comradery involved. You can be racing a guy "or girl" next to you in the final and he/she is buying you pizza after the race is over. (Thanks Kerry n April n Stan) It's not about testosterone or how great you are, it's more about the thrill of that dock dropping and you heading down 660 feet to the finish line! You will fall in love with this's one of the few out there where basic novices can run, learn and expand their knowledge all by paying attention seeing how jetskis can be put together. I am new to the 4 strokes but old to racing...I've learned more in one race about 4-stroke technology than anything I coulda read or watched on youtube! So, get your helmets, gloves and shorts ready to will absolutely love it!

    We have the best professional team assembled to conduct the race and they do their jobs top notch...race director, promoter, rescue, race techs, guys running the is the best you can get and they work on love of the sport more than $$$ and they are best crew in the World...literally.

    SO get to gettin' your stuff together race season is here and make plans, talk to race teams on how to's and jump into a very select group jet sport lovers. It is worth every minute of it! I promise.

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    So what "special" equipment would one need? Only the helmet? I mean, most of us already have the essentials like PFD and gloves.

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