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    First speedster 150

    I have just purchased a 07 speedster 150scic. Hope to get it in the water this weekend. First boat of this type. What is the best way to break in and is there anything special I should know about operation. Have been reading post and they sound very exciting. Thanks

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    Change out the Super Charger Washers for Jerry's metal ones.

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    Best way to break it in is just to have fun with it. Try to vary rpms as opposed to keeping a steady constant rpm/speed all the time. Especially don't hold it Wide Open Throttle (WOT) for long intervals until after your first 10 hrs. Be sure to change the oil and filter after the first 10 hrs. Also, check the fluid levels before you run it, shortly after your first embarkment, and after you pull it out. Dealerships can be skimpy on coolant and oil. If you add any, don't overfill the oil...1/2 level (warm) is plenty. If you ride in salt water, be sure to lube the levers/exposed cables in your engine compartment, and hit the exposed electrical wiring behind your gagues with lube spray.

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