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    2010 VX Cruiser Deluxe

    Hi guys,

    New here from the Augusta, Ga area. Stumbled across this forum and it seemed you guys are very knowledgeable and I could learn a thing or two.

    2010 Vx Cruiser Deluxe. Heres my issue. I have had the ski for about two years now. For business I was away for a year so I had a neighbor keep my ski. It ran fine two years ago then I parked it for two months (give or take) then tried to run it again but it ran very rough. Soon after that I left and recently returned so I would like to know what could cause this and how I should go about addressing this problem so I can get back on the water. I would think bad gas?

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    Btw very helpful for any leads

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    VX's are bad about fouling and rust on the spark plugs. Change them first and see what happens. Or change them and suck out the old fuel then go ride it, but I would guess spark plugs will fix it...

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    Yep, change the spark plugs and it can't hurt to put new gas in. Good luck!

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    As a complete novice on 4 stroke I will add this bit of experience.

    I bought an 08 VX deluxe late last Fall with the exact same sounding issue. The history on it was that the older owners just did not use it much. It sat for the entire season un-used since the previous season end here in TX. They decide to sell it so they went to put it back on the trailer (stored in a lift for almost an entire year unused) and it ran rough. They took it in to have Yamaha look at it and were told that it had no compression on cylinder 2 and that it would be $5000 to fix. I picked it up on the cheap with an aluminum trailer and pulled my first 4 stroke head with the help of kwTony, Boudin and some others on the forum. It turned out that one of the exhaust valves was simply stuck in the open position. I replaced the valve with a new one, pulled and cleaned all of the others and will be back in business with it shortly.

    I would put good money on this being your problem IF:
    1. It ran excellent on the ride just before you put it up
    2. If you used Sta-bil in the fuel before you put it up
    3. If you show zero compression in one of the cylinders

    If all of those 3 things are yes...then I'll bet you simply have either an exhaust valve or intake valve stuck in the open position. If so, pull the head and do a quick valve job or pay a shop to do it and get her back on the water. Please post the results!
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    Pump the old fuel. Put new plugs. Run a double dose of fuel injector cleaner thru it on the 1st couple tanks of fuel.
    Then rip on....

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    X2 on pumping out the old fuel.

    Speaking there an easy way of doing so on these 4 strokes other than siphon hoses?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigem View Post
    X2 on pumping out the old fuel.

    Speaking there an easy way of doing so on these 4 strokes other than siphon hoses?
    Sorry for the late response, but also wondering about this, best was to siphon?

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    Go to Harbor Freight and get their siphon that you put one end in the tank and just jiggle it around a little and it begins to flow as long as you have the exit end lower than where the fuel is being picked up.

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    I know on our 2 strokes we simply pull the return line off of the carbs, inject air into the tank which forces the fuel out of the tank and through the carbs fuel return feature...out the front carb nipple. Connect a spare fuel hose section to the empty carb nipple and let it fill your 5 gallon gas cans. You have to occasionally spray a burst of pressure into the tank line to continue the flow but it works well while you are liberating a few beers of their earthly duties. Is there a similar method that can be used by disconnecting the gas line from the front of the fuel rail?

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