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    models that i think have the same lines in design

    someone tell me if they disagree with me or do these models listed follows the same lines

    tigershark tsr 1100
    yamaha gpr 1200-1300
    polaris msx 110,140,150

    i find all these hulls take the same lines

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    You can look at Robrady design and get a good idea of why the 2 lower units look the same.
    The Shark, I just don't know.

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    Yes, sort of...

    The XLT and MSX were directly designed by that group. Not sure about the GPR, but it sure looks like the XLT. Personally I think the Honda line looks like a Robrady design more than the Tshark. They all remind me of the earlier SD GTX hulls.

    I noted that the new Ultra looks like they took the FX140 front end, the RXP chrome, and the swoopy lines of the Honda front end.

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