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    To powervalve or not to powervalve?

    I will be putting my 2002 gp1200r (now 1400) 87mm motor together soon and I'm thinking about ditching the PV's. What do you guys think? I will be running 150 psi (hopefully). Thanks for input, Mike

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    I personally would use the valves.

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    Thumbs up

    I'm running a GK1390 with no PV's and loving it. The instant hit of RPM's is great fun. No need to worry about them any more. I maybe a little ignorant to the performance benefits of them but defiantly a thumbs up for the fun factor.

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    If you can afford to, go with gas valves.

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    I would use the valves myself and as VOODOO says gas valves are even better. The hit on the bottom cannot be compared to.

    Who is doing the porting? The portsmith might have alot to do with how hard it will hit with the valves pinned. Some of the guys are more aggressive on the port timing making it almost neccesary to run the valves to have good low end, others are much more conservative.

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    I think I will stick with the electric PV's for now due to budget. I might try gas valves and pinned valves later. I'm not having much porting done. Lukes racing did the bore and renick. I'm having GK do the heads.

    Anyone have any idea on jetting? I'm going to try 130 pilots and 140 mains to get started. Stock carbs with chokes pulled out is what I have right now.

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