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    Green Hulk's white turbo FZR build thread

    Unfortunately my beloved turbo VXR blew the pump tunnel out of it so I was forced to strip out the VXR and obtain a new hull. This time I choose an FZR hull. This thread will document the build process. I will update this first post as progress is made.

    The heart of the beast after removing the engine from the VXR hull

    I was lucky enough to find a new hull at Riva. What's nice is the top deck hasn't even been bonded to the lower hull yet which makes these very nice to work on.
    It's amazing how light they are with nothing in them.

    Since this ski will be built to go well over 90 mph the first order of business was to reinforce the pump tunnel. Since I have the luxury of having the top deck removed I opted to lay in my own glass/epoxy.

    I decided to go with a new look on this ski and had it painted a gloss white.

    To make everything look real nice with the seat off I decided to have Speed Liner sprayed into the engine compartment of the lower hull. Here's some pics showing the preparation of that

    Speedliner completed!

    Before painting the top deck I cut some extra ventilation into it up under the front cowl

    To let air in you must let air out so I also cut ventilation up under the rear grab bar/seat area

    I had the rear seat cowl painted a gloss black and installed the same blue/black grooved mats that come on the new FZ SVHO skis. Also installed the FZ SVHO decals, but not too sure I will keep them on. I think I will do something different... still undecided

    I also painted the side vents and top of the hood a gloss black and I'm using the FZ SVHO seat

    My son Greg giving me a helping hand

    With the hull completed it's time to start mocking up the engine, turbo, custom fab work, etc.

    Custom intercooler setup.

    Intercooler done and powder coated

    Intercooler mocked up on engine

    Custom supercharger blockoff plate

    Custom billet throttle body adapter. No way is the hose blowing off of this throttle body

    Custom MoTeC ECU mount bracket

    Custom aluminum intake manifold

    Manifold with custom billet fuel rail and 220 lb hr injectors, Rad4 Racing manifold isolator. ready to install

    Everything installed, ready for top deck

    Check out the custom Lucky 13 Billet battery mount in the back ground

    Custom Lucky 13 Billet battery mount

    Top deck about to go on.

    Top deck finally sealed in place

    Of course, with all this power the ski has to have the "Green Hulk Style" Skat 14 vane pump with floating driveshaft setup

    So that's where I'm at thus far with this project. Remember that this is the engine that came out of my VXR when it blew out the pump tunnel. A little water was ingested in the motor so I will be pulling the motor out and going thru it to ensure all is well. Then it's off to the water for fine tuning.

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    Hope you guys enjoy this build thread. I will post more as I get the motor done and get the ski on the water for fine tuning.

    This ski is built to the same specs as my previous "Green Hulk' turbo FZR, but this white ski will use the MoTeC M1 ECU along with the new MoTeC color dash. Here's the thread on the "Green Hulk"

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    Looks awesome!

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    Dam! Good stuff. Color is great as well

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    Get out on it already!!

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    Can one of the mods please move this to the projects section.... looks good!

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    Looks good Jerry.When can I take it for a spin?

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    I have seen this ski in person and must say it is nice everything looks neat and perfectly placed. Should be a fast ski when done.

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