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    question about props

    Just bought 2004 sportster with 4-tec 155 HP (thanks for all of your help HOLDON). Topped out around 7400-7500RPM's reading in the low 40's (MPH) with 4 people, 2 adults and 2 teenagers, a little over 500 lbs. Everything feels normal except when coming on plane. The boat dosen't porpoise but has very slight lift, hardly noticable. When it lays down is when it really takes off, like a prop boat. The only purpose for which I use the boat is pulling tubers and wakeboarders and I'm looking for the best holeshot I can get. I think I'd have problems with my current set up. Is there a specific prop for this or can I have the pitch changed on my current one. If I do this, should I chane the wear ring. Also any maintenance recomendations for a boat of this age


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    Check The condition of your prop

    1. While boat is on trailer lower the bow of the boat by letting front of trailer down to the ground so you have room to get under the rear of the boat.2.Get a flashlight 3. Get under the back of your boat where the black intake grate is on the bottom of your boat. 4. Look up into the intake grate and you will see your prop. Give a good visual inspection with flashlight and make sure the prop is not damaged in any way. Look for nicks or cracks or any wear of the prop. Look for anything that could be lodged in there like a small stick or fishing line or something. 5. Now go the rear of boat and look through the jetpump housing with the flashlight and look for anything that could be lodged in their. Realy give a good look. I found a small piece of a stick lodged in mine before so check it realy good. also inspect the prop from this side also. Let me know how you make out.

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