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    2007 FXHO compression numbers input please

    just took my 2007 for a warm up ride so I can put it up for sale and let me tell you... The water here in Texas is freakin cold!

    after a 15 minute test run up to full throttle I removed all of the spark plugs mashed down the throttle and with a fully charged battery, warm motor combined with a Snap on Tools compression tester I came up with the following numbers.

    cylinder number one 231 psi
    cylinder number two 230 psi
    cylinder number three 226 psi
    cylinder number four 240 psi

    they fit inside of a 7 percent plus or minus range.

    can anyone verify that these numbers look good for this waverunner before I sell it claiming they are good numbers? I do not want to sell any one a waverunner that needs Motor work.

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    Those #s are great.
    How many hrs on her?

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    Thanks for the reply. Good to hear. 195hrs. Second owner and I have 7 other skis right now so its time to start selling some before my wife leaves me for a less impulsive lad

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    Yep good problems there

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    gigem.. can you please let me know your exact procedure you followed for the compresson test? all plugs out at once or one at a time? also does the 07 fx have a fuel shut off switch? i was looking at doing a test on mine but wasnt sure of the exact way

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    Hey VIP. Sorry I forgot to get back to you on this when I got the posting alert.

    1. Idled for about 5 minutes and then rode for 15 minutes to really warm it up.
    2. I removed all of the spark plugs mashed down the throttle all the way
    3. Made sure I had a fully charged battery
    4. Snap-on Compression gauge was used
    5. Motor still warm/hotish
    6. I think there is a way to stop the fuel by disabling the ignition or something like that but can't find it online. I think it has to do with holding down the throttle while pressing the stop or start button or something like that.

    Biggest keys are the full battery, throttle squeezed open to max air flow and do it on a warm motor.

    Sold the FX a couple days ago for $5100 on a galvanized trailer. Good deal for him and myself. Thanks for the info on the numbers you guys! It gave me way more confidence in telling him the motor was healthy on the compression side. I sent him an email with the link to this posting so he could view your responses so it really did help to have you guys knowledge on that!

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    I believe that if you hit the start and stop button at the same time, the engine turns over but won't start. I use the same method to kick on the dash when I need to read it.

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    Impossible numbers. Check your gauge

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    Guys, that thread is 5 years old!

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