I went into the shop at 9:45PM for some final preparation for a first ride tommorrow with a 1390cc triple piped GPR. This would include hooking up the primer, tiny tach, and putting it on the hose to check for any last minute leaks before my ride tommorrow.

I left the shop 3 hours later at 12:45 with the engine setting on the shop bench!!! The front cover is off and the starter bendix is shot!!! Looks like the starter gear itself needs some attention also. Some of the teeth are gone on the bendix (starter side) and the starter gear looks really worn. I would hate to put it back together with a new bendix and the old starter to do it all over again. I have never had a problem with this kind of thing with this boat.

Does anyone know if the gear on the starter can be replaced or will the whole starter need replacing???

Also the bendix drive still work well. The spring system is OK just teeth are gone....

What can be done here and is this common with these boats???