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    Accel pump question.

    I noticed that my X45 has become hard to start of late. Last time I fired it up, it took a long time to get running and I discovered that the accel pump on the carbs had lost its prime. Where do I look to find the reason why? Is it an issue with the check ball possibly? Im putting this out there for others as well to help diagnose a problem. I know Doug will have the answer.

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    could be the metering block check ball,could be one of the squirter check balls,could be the diapraghm or cover.i've had hell with the set on the tx.the set on the 700 kicks ass and works perfect all the time.the tx always seems to bleed down when it sits.once its running on the water it'll prime up and stay primed.that was last year.after changing the dia. 2 years ago i installed the stock cover even though it came with a new one.this winter i heavily painted the new one red to match the head covers and installed seat time's had the metering block check ball replaced with a steel one already.i've noticed that theres is always a small amount of oil under the pump housing on the intake manifold and suspect a very small leak which is why i swapped out the cover,i did up a blue one for the mutt motor thing if i ever do the pork chop 800 in the other virage with all the red turned to blue.

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