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Thread: any 15f races

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    any 15f races

    hey just wondering if any of you ultra owners have raced any 15fs. stock or lightly modded(ride plate ,intake exhaust ect). if so how did the 15f fair against the ultra through acceleration? like 0-50 or something. i know the 15f(stock anyways) is no where near an ultra in stock form so how bout just acceleration.

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    When my ski was new, I played around with 15F with RPM kit and we were about dead even from dead stop to top speed (both skis full of gas). At that time I GPSed less than 63 mph, now I have 19 hours, I have GPSed 66.2 mph. I would say Ultra 250X that is broken in will be a little faster. We are seeing stock Ultra 250X top out at 69 mph and I haven't seen 15F with RPM kit top 68 mph. I was impressed with the 15F with RPM kit acceleration and top speed. It will definitely beat a RXP out of the hole.

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    No contest. It beat the stock 15F by at least 2-3 boat length everytime. we did it more then 5 times. same result every time.

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    the main reason i ask is my uncle( a ultra owner) said his ultra against a bolt on 15f was dead even. he has about 20 or so hours on his as of now. only mods to his was a ride plate mod, and a wedge.i wanted to see if other ultras had the same results against the modded 15f. currently im stuck with deciding to trade my 06' bolt-on 15f(69.2mph average) for a ultra. which leads me to so many more questions that havent been answered yet. how much is really left in the ultra? no one knows. its very hard to justify trading my cheaper to run, same acceleration(if these results are common) and same topspeed 15f for the ultra. can anyone swing me either way

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    I raced an Ultra twice to about 40 mph and the ultra blew the exhaust hose off both times and needed to be towed in. Both races were dead even from 0-40 though. I'll look for another

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