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    pro 785 oil block off

    i'm putting a pro 785 together and am setting it up for an oil block off. do i need to put any oil in the crankcase or does the oil/fuel mixture take care of the crank? what ratio fule to oil should i run?

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    The pre-mixing of oil in the fuel will take care of the Fuji lubrication requirements. I thought the PRO was pre-mixed at 40:1 but it may be 32:1, I sure somebody will chime in with what they are running.

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    I ran my first tank at 32:1 and now running 40:1

    And make sure you're running a high quality oil. I run klotz techniplate, klotz R-50 is also good, and alot of guys have had great luck with amsoil.

    Lube the crank and all bearings etc... upon assembly.

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    I ran amsoil in my stock and limited race boats at 40:1 and never had a problem. Smells good too!

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