Hey Guys,

I've recently purchased a gp1200r, which required a rebuild.

The engine is mostly standard with the exception of a d-plate and cat sensor as standard.

It has at present 135 mains and an accelerator pump which goes to all 3 carbs.

I wish to add some mods to it but am unsure of the jetting specs I should use

I have added,

1. Riva free flow exhaust kit
2. Riva F/A kit
3. Primer kit
4. Mild compression increase (probably ADA head)
5. Accelerator pump removal

Now I'm aware that there is osidebill jet recommendations for this ski with these mods but I believe they are completely different from the AUS spec model.

If somebody with the non-us model can comment on their jetting specs, would be great!

Thanks heaps