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    Need help with Yamaha Jet ski ... No speed

    My brother has a 1999 yamaha 1100 jet ski.. last year we installed new engine in it..

    It ran good for a few weeks and then the exhaust temp light kept coming on.. The dealer said it had a bad catalitic converter..

    My brother bought the CAT eliminator kit... and although the ski runs good ... it has only about 3/4th the power id did when we installed the engine.. it tops out at about 45mph... It would run 55-57 new..

    Anyone have any ideas.. ??



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    They didnt make a 1100 in 99 are you sure about the year? They quit making the 1100 in 96 and it didnt have a cat.

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    wait they did make the ventura 1100 in 97

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    could me many things bud, is the motor you installed carbed or injected? need more info I guess

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    It is carbed.. I thought it was a 1100..but maybe its a 1200.. its two stroke! I could be wrong on the year.. maybe its a 2001 or 2002.. Im not sure..

    Sorry... i just had the thought about asking on here .... i never asked him for his info..

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