2008 Single Owner, purchased in July 2009
Work done by Don from WesTec, you can ask him about the ski.

Asking CI $8000 or best offer. I want to sell!!

Max GPS speed of 75.7. Ski can do 77+ with correct Prop/rpms. I've left it at 8160 rpms.
Hours 104

Selling because I don't use.

Mods include
Intake Manifold Upgrade
RIVA Rear Exit Exhaust
Pump Tunnel Re-inforcement
Stock modified Ride Plate (I also have R&D SHO High Performance Ride Plate and RIVA Ride Plate included)
R&D SHO Aquavein Intake Grate
Anti-Cavitation Cone
RIVA Sponsons
13/22R Prop
RIVA Intercooler
RIVA Air Intake
RIVA B1 SC Wheel
R&D R2 Reflashed ECU 8400 rpm limit
Triton Trailor and Cover for Waverunner included

Will include new spark plugs (current plugs have about 30 minutes use) and a fresh oil change. Pics in signature