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    94 SP starting problem

    our 94 SP is not wanting to start... if you push the start button all you hear is the solenoid engaging, the starter wont turn over at all. the thing is, we had the starter rebuilt not to long ago so im pretty sure the starter is not gone, maybe an electrical connection somewhere? anybody have any input on this?

    Thanks, Joel

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    Did you ever solve your problem? I have one doing the same exact thing.

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    When the solenoid clicks, do you hear the starter spin and there's just no engagement? Or does it just click and nothing after that? If the starter spins up but doesn't engage, it's just that the bendix is dirty and not throwing out. The guy that rebuilt it may have added grease to the bendix which is something that should never be done. They need to be dry. If it just clicks and nothing at all after that, I would do two things...check the battery power first since it's the easier of the two. If it has 12.0 volts or less then it won't be enough to roll it over. Plus if the battery is pretty old it may just be at the end of it's time and should be replaced. They will loose their CCA's over time. If the power is good, pull the spark plugs and try to roll it may be a seized engine. You can also roll the engine over by hand if you need to...what I have done before is pull the plugs and go under the ski, grab the prop shaft and try to turn the engine over that way...even if it just moves back and forth without too much effort then the engine should be ok.

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