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    Attention AWA members and riders along the Gulf Coast.

    Attention AWA members and riders along the Gulf Coast. by American Watercraft Association

    Now is the time to speak up for access to your public waterways.

    It is essential that your voice is heard in the public comments phase at Gulf Islands National Seashore.

    As you know, due to a frivolous lawsuit brought by radical environmentalists, the National Park Service (NPS) was forced to waste taxpayer money in order to review public access for personal watercraft at Gulf Islands. Thus far, public scoping meetings were held last month. AWA represented all PWC riders at these events, and made plain our commitment to free and equal access to your public waters.

    Right now is time for the real power to come in; you, and every other rider you know. There are five “alternatives” for the future of personal watercraft at Gulf Islands. Of these, AWA is supporting Alternative B, “Manage PWC Use Similar to Other Watercraft,” with reservation.

    Alternative B provides the cleanest access use without onerous and confusing restrictions on your personal watercraft access. However, it contains an ambiguous restriction on carbureted two-stroke watercraft which do not meet 2006 EPA emissions standards. This “standard” is open to interpretation, and is a separate issue in and of itself.

    More importantly in the here and now, is having you and every other rider you know, take just a few minutes to submit some quick comments in support of PWC access to public waters.

    We know this a busy time of year, yet the deadline is upon us. We urge you to please take five minutes right now and log onto the link provided below. Please write a short comment in your own words supporting “Alternative B, Manage PWC Use Similar To Other Watercraft.”

    Your voice, as a citizen and tax paying boater, is the one matters most. Please speak up now. Here is the link to the comment page.

    Then, inform every other rider you know and encourage them to do the same. Don’t overlook family members and like-minded friends. The deadline is December 15, 2013. Please submit your comment, in your own words, today.

    Even if you don’t live anywhere near the Gulf, or ever plan on visiting, it is critical that the PWC Nation speak as one. Every single time PWC owners stand together we accomplish things. When we don’t, we lose. Please submit your comments in your own words.

    You can be sure that radical anti-access groups and individuals looking to eliminate personal watercraft from our public waterways, will be making their voice heard. Your participation and ideas for safe and responsible use of these waterways are critical to future PWC riding in Gulf Islands National Seashore. You may review the proposed plans at

    Thank you, and please send your comments today. This is the chance to make your voice heard.

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    Thanks, Mike for posting this all important issue. Too all the forum members here, sure, you may not live anywhere around or ever use the GUIS, but your park - any park - could be next. I urge you request the NPS to implement "Alternative B". The last thing we need as owners, riders, and enthusiasts is a negative precedent set against us.

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    Done - thanks for letting me know and i copied it to the Jetskisportfishing site.


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    also done. great area of the state,would hate to lose it. the way they waited till the holidays to sneak this bill thru is shady

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