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    hard on a jet ski??

    since summer is right around the corner, (bought time) i will have the skis in the water for the first time. I used to have a boat, so I have a lot of pull behind toys i.e. tube, wakeboard, skis, kneeboard. my question is, is this hard on a jet ski i have a slx1050 and a seadoo 951 both 2 seaters, if that matters. thanks guys

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    just make sure you tethor up on the hole thats on the deck . i know the loop under the seat can be kinda tempting ,

    well talkin with this guy i met just talked about the championships it has one , then i talk 2 these guys they say its not all that fast an its a great tow ski ,

    i would think it be better than doing donuts and tailwhips like what we see most people pulling mid range speed with 1 on the tube an going like 35 is prolly would be like babying it

    when your cruiseing back 2 the straight away its prolly thinking what the hell are we doing , but i wouldnt think it not hard but im a rookie

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    Make sure you check the boating regs where you live.

    I know many states require that your tow vehicle have room for a driver, a spotter AND the person you are towing. Obviously a two seater doesn't really have the room.

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