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    Dewinterizing? Please help!

    When I dewinterize my 06 Sportster and start it up for the first time this season should I replace the sparkplugs after my first outing or after I start the motor on the trailer and hose? I know The fogging oil has to burn off so I wanted to know when's the best time to replace the plugs? Thanks for any info...

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    I don't winterize mine, but being a former auto tech I'll give you my .02
    Pull the plugs out before starting, hold the throttle wide open to prevent any fuel injector signal, cover the plug holes with a rag/towel and crank over for 10 -15 seconds. That should get the bulk of the oil out. Put the plugs back in and start her up on the hose. Pull one plug and if it looks oil fouled at all you could either clean them all or replace them before hitting the water. Either way, bring replacement plugs with you ( I always carry a set with me) so that you can change out on the water if she starts misfiring.

    My original plugs only went approx. 30 hours before one of them developed an intermittent misfire, there was no visual evidence of the failure (no electrode wear). I'm not sure if that's common or not, just my experience. I wouldn't rely on the supplied spark plug removal tool either, it started to round off the spark plug and slip when I tried to use mine, so I threw it away and bought an extended reach socket and keep it and an extension and ratchet on board at all times.

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