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    Is it possible to take 2004 msx ski and put on the older style non pig tail type? 2202740 is not available anymore. but the older style is from evenrude.

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    K447 replied to your other post in this regard that he believed he had one new TPS remaining. You may want to PM him. He's been fair in my dealings with him.

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    Greetings to all I am looking for a TPS for an MSX 140 but apparently it is discontinued there is some model or replacement that can use and work very well

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    Setting the correct Ficht non-pigtail TPS idle position voltage EMM code 12 = too low

    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    What I found was that the original non-pigtail TPS would deliver idle voltages from right around .350 volts up to maybe .460 volts. This varied depending on how gently or quickly I let the throttle snap closed, and just generally was a little different each time the throttle was opened and closed.
    Note: I am putting this here as I am not sure where it would best fit.

    Note: EMM trouble code 12 can be triggered if the TPS idle position signal is too close to zero volts.

    This can happen when the TPS is (going) bad, but can also happen if a slotted alternate TPS is installed and the TPS is rotated to an incorrect position before/while the two TPS mounting bolts are tightened.

    I recently corrected a 1999 Genesis FFI with code 12. The non-pigtail slotted housing on this non-factory TPS needed to be rotated fully anti-clockwise to provide a proper idle position voltage on the TPS center pin signal to the EMM.

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