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    Twins Ya No Sh*t

    Well I just turned 39 yrs this year and my wife and I had no kids. My 17 year old daughter is going to collage this comming year. a great kid 3.68 gpa for high school. rides a 1300 gpr like a pro... ya going to be free soon.

    WIFE came home from DR three weeks ago, told me she was going to have a baby...... I said ok cool.

    Came home yesterday with ultrasound pics... TWO BABYS... No CRAP! Damn I did not take it well. I went to the work shop... It took 3 hours to figure it out... I am very happy now. but can't figure out how she is going to ride two kids on her 1300r??? HA HA ..
    so you will see some stuff for sale from time to time......

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    CONGRATS!!! Better start looking for a 3 seater and a minivan pops.

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    Congrats, twins I have a one year old and it's absolutely great. It will change your Life. Hope you have lots of patience.
    Good Luck.

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    hey twins are awesome! You can also get away with no capitol gains taxes for the fist year! Cash out everything! Congradulations! My first is on the way!!

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    Congrats, I also have twins {they turned 8 today} We also found out at the ultrasound... the nurse gave us about 5 min after she told us to take it in.....My wife and I just looked at each other saying "No way"..I'm a twin also..... I wouldn't trade them for nothing

    Have your wfe look at this web sight :

    My wife belongs to the St. Louis chapter, they helped a lot with the twins.
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    Not the end of the world...

    I'm 46...
    A three and a ten year old. I actually bought my first ski to keep my older ones attention. Now we cruise the Delta, lakes all over Nor-Cal. We spend time, connect and I know his every thought.

    My time on a ski started because of kids. Now I have a second (ski) and it is for me while my wife cruises the FX HO with the boy also. Now she like to go out. I think one of the coolest things in my life was watching my son swim out to the ski tied to a buoy on Tahoe and we took of together across the lake.
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    Congrats on the twins,

    I am patiently waiting (even though my wife is ready NOW) on my second. I can't wait until they two of my kids are old enough to ride.


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    Yeah me either. Because there will be nothing like seeing my God child riding on a faster ski (mine) than her Daddy's. Yeah Yeah Dollar me and little Brianna blasting by on the big black beast with tears clouding our vision.. But I will get her to wave at you if she can manage to loosen up her grip while the beast is in a full stride..

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    no sh*t, well congrats!! we have to hook up this summer and ride before i move! give me a call!!

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    Bro, you're going to have two girls. It's God's payback for all the evil **** you did in college....

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