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    bye yamaha welcome honda

    after few years of working with yamaha i i cant take any more i purchase 30 skis every year pay all at ones
    i advertise the yamaha product to over 30.000 custumers a year you can get better advertise 99.9 of the customers love the product and are potentials customers since they pay already over $500 a day to came to Hawaii they have the potential to buy any ski they like
    you may think yamaha kept me happy and i get special deals
    well they dont give me even a life jacket a key chain or even a post card
    not only these they wont even honor the guaranty
    even wen i work whit them for every recall to make a better product
    i decide to go HONDA they already give me 2 demo skis and more will come whit time
    so if they do these to a customer of 30 skis a year imagine what they will do to you if you buy 1 or 2 skis so if you going to buy a yamaha just see these

    i try yamahas and hondas in 2005 at the same time on the rentals

    Honda don't consume oil even after 1000 hrs
    yamaha consume 1 q every 50 hr after 300 hr and 2 q every 50 hr after 800 hr were the oil go i don't know
    after 1000 hr. in the Honda i never replace any parts steering is firm power is like the first day i have them
    yamaha after 1000 hr. replace stator ,battery over charge and dry ,regulator , steering arm 3 times on 1000 hrs ,siphon system fail , steering is loose power is down to 70 %
    air filter Honda cost $12 yamaha cost over a $100
    hull Honda is made of fiber glass very strong never a crack
    yamaha made of smc difficult to repair and weak i have 3 06 with stress crack (no in of form on the inner hull ) yamaha still debate the problem
    yamahas 30 % of the displays burn after 700 hrs
    Honda still working after 1000
    i still remember the time wen yamaha was great these was long time ago
    i see if Honda come up to the plate the way they say they will in few years see a yamaha in Hawaii will be a strange encounter

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    Honda slow
    Yamaha fast

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    I cant see Honda being any better in the long run right now they want in.
    I am a Yamaha 2 stoke fan.
    Honda is not there yet.

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    I was not even trying...and I am not a racer, and my 06 GPR is stock.

    Two hondas with all kind of stickers and race numbers wanted to race and kept bugging me and I just stompted em'. Felt I owed it to em'.

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    surprised how long it's took you to change over to honda as i remember you had problems with yamaha way back in the old riva days..
    best of luck with honda..i think once they have a contract with you,you will be in the same boat...
    but i hope i am of luck...

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    Bill in business uptime is what counts. I am assuming you use these for rentals, so if the Honda's proved more reliable and required less service over time as a business man you made the proper decision. Keeps some extra dollars in your pocket.

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    That BS that yamaha would not hook you up! My friend had a rental company here in washington yamaha gave him "dealer price" on boats and parts (since there was not a dealer even close to where he wa) Even if a honda is slower who cares there rentals and you know what most renters have probably not ridden anything else so they wont know the diffrience! And lets pretend the honds need a little more work (not sure if they do or not) you just saved a ton of $$ on two skis (lets say 15K) thats a lot of parts! Good choice!

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    I don't blame you Bill, you have been very loyal to Yamaha and they havn't reciprocated. Seems as though you'll be money way ahead just with the lower repair frequency of the Honda.

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    Some of you guys are missing the point here. He is doing better with the Honda reliability wise, versus the Yamaha. He is in the rental business, I don't blame him. He did not come on here and say "THE HONDA OUT PERFORMS THE YAMAHA, HANDSDOWN, MUCH FASTER, ETC, ETC...."

    Me and my brother rented Yamaha's between 94-99. They were bulletbroof in those days. Those 701 two strokes are tough. He is talking about 4-strokes. So far, I am not impressed with the Yamaha 4-stroke motors they are using in the watercraft, (Raptor ATV's, different story). If you have to have a reduction gear in your 4-stroke watercraft drivetrain, it seems to me you have a patch job of a 4-stroke set-up in the ski.

    10-4, over.

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    Thanks for your honest input Bill.

    I am tired of wrenching.(on my own stuff) It looks like I am going to be riding a Honda soon. I just wanta ride and 60 is fast enough for me.

    $6000 out the door for a leftover.

    Now with the time I was spending on my own stuff, I will be making $$$ working on the side.

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