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    Replace meter or gauge assembly or can you just replace the film on a GP800R?

    My family tells me the gauges or meter assembly has become so damaged by the sun that it's no longer readable. I found several assemblies on eBay but I also saw someone selling the film as well. Does the entire assembly need to be replaced if it works or can I replace a film with a new one? The GP just keeps on running, a carb kit or two along the way but for 6k back in 2001, it's been a great investment over 12 years where it's used every year and all summer long.



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    this is what I have done previously, if the damage is only the outside glass [ plastic ] you can save it using the same procedure as if you was refinishing a set of headlights on a car. I have done it several times and it works all the time. walmart sell a kit for that, comes in a reflective package, or amazon. nothing else will work. if the display itself is damage , then you will need a replacement.

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    Thanks mikegp, I'll give it a try! Beats the cost of replacing the unit. --Jeff

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    +1 for mikegp.

    I did 2 of my gauge clusters recently. I used a small piece of 1200 sandpaper and literally just spit on it to wet it. Use a circular pattern to get the round corners of the plastic but straight motion works well through the middle. About 2 to 5 minutes per side with medium pressure and a white paste will form up. Thats the spit and the fine plastic glass particles. Use windex if you dont want to hock a luggie on it. Then finish off the now slightly hazy plastic glass with a little Meguiers plastix, turtle wax polishing compound or headlight restoration polishing compound by just rubbing it in with medium heavy pressure. That will buff out the fine scratches from the 1200 sand paper. If you have 1500 sandpaper for a second level of polishing after the 1200...your results wolill even be better but 1200 has always worked well enough for me.

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