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Thread: 2000 blown GTX

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    2000 blown GTX

    I have a freind who has a 2000 GTX Red & Black with a blown motor, the hull and body look good
    what is this thing worth and what will a new motor cost
    I am thinking of offering him a 1000

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    depends what kind of motor work it needs.... if the cases are good it's about a 1,000 dollar rebuild with SBT... althought i'd recommend a seadoo reman over a SBT.

    if the cases are shot, forget the ski, not really worth your time fixing.... offer him 250 bucks and part it out and make a profit.

    this time of year for that ski, i still wouldn't pay 1000.... i'd try to get it for 500 bucks personally.

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    if it just needs a top end its worth all of a grand

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    This thread is from 2005.

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