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    Seadoo Sportster 4 tec - power boost ?

    Question for the experts. Got a Sportster 4-tec boat. Lots of fun, wished I had bought the SCIC model though. Do I have any options available to boost the performance, other than selling it and getting the scic ?

    New boat, 30 hours on engine.

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    You can gain more than 55hp from the N/A motor...Mark @ Race tec has a kit available..

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    alot of mods available... you are limited tho with the possiblites having the normally aspirated motor.

    You can wake that boat up alot, but it may cost a bit... to the extend that it may be cheaper to sell yours and find a SCIC boat.

    have you put a GPS speed on your boat to see how fast it is going?

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