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    RXP Parts

    Hey, I will be getting a Sea-Doo RXP very soon (In the market for one now.. hint hint). I wanted to know about a very important thing:

    Please tell me every part that will keep my RXP "out of the shop". I mean anything and everything that will keep from my rxp breaking down. Not intrested in performance parts really but just parts that will make sure its shop-free.

    I've looked around on the forums for about 3 hours now noticed the washers and bearings are big. But its going to be either a 04 or 05 rxp. Thanks a lot

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    Washers & a stainless steel wear ring.....

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    Washer are the most critical item to replace, the stock SC bearing will work for stock application. When you replace the compressor wheel this would be a good time to replace the bearing and go ceramic.

    My first upgrade was the washers not too worried about the bearing because when the SC wears out I will get a Rude SC with ceramic bearings.

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    When would i be replacing compressor wheel?

    And anything electronic? My friends sea-doo had problems with electronics or it would overheat we think. We would go out on the river riding and his jet ski would end up stopping and just idling. But is there anything electronic wise i could get?

    And if you don't mind what are the common problems in sea-doo's that send them to the shop? Because i hear a lot of sea-doo's breaking down and there not supercharged. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by criticalhit View Post
    Not intrested in performance parts really Thanks a lot
    Give ureself another couple weeks on this forum and let us know if ure still saying that.

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    Ohh belive me I do, i've been looking on the site wishing i could buy some of the upgrades. I just don't have the money so i'm sticking to what i need for it to be reliable

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    Get a shop manual/CD. It'll come in handy when you start to take things apart and then need to put it back together.

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