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    Intercooler Strainer?

    Does anyone know if the 250 comes with any type of strainer or filter to prevent foreign particals like weed, sand, twigs etc from clogging the intercooler? This has been an issue with the SC Sea-doos. I had recommended that a Groco WSB 750 strainer be used. It is one of the only ones that is pressure rated to 100 lbs. I use them on all my skis with open loop cooling, SC or not. Jerry now carries them in his online store. I think this is a mandatory mod if you don't want to loose intercooler efficiency. No matter how clean you think the water is, you will be surprised at all the junk that gets sucked up and stopped by the strainer.


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    Richard is right, running a water strainer on these intercooler equipped skis is a must. We have been running the Groco strainer on the Sea Doo 4-tecs for a long time now and haven't had a single issue with the Groco. It's the way to go!

    Kits are listed here in the online store:


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    1. Is there room for this strainer? How hard would install be?
    2. Is this the only entry point for water for cooling or is there
    another somewhere for the block?
    3. Are there any type strainers/filters on it now? I noted that they
    have one on the fuel pickup.

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