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    Extended jet pump pros/cons??

    Can someone tell me the pros and cons about installing a extended jetpump. Also it appears you can run the same driveshaft with either setup. The extended part is past the prop, right? Do you have to extend the ride plate as well??

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    For best performance the spacer should go before the impeller requiring the longer driveshaft. A longer ride plate would be preferred but prob. not required. (just a guess) You will need a longer steering cable, or lengthen the existing with an adapter. The PROS are 2 MPH increase with better turning abilities. The CONS are the price of the added parts. Anywhere from $200-$400 depending how lucky you are. Look into a SS 6 vane jet pump for even more performance and MPH.

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    I'm probably going to have all of those parts available here in the next week or so. Think I'm going to part out my Sl1050. It would include the whole pump assembly (extension, 6 vane SS stator w/ newer bearings/seals, 4 deg. wedge, extended water tube, water nozzle, steering/trim nozzle, extended rideplate). My extended steering cable wouldn't work, as its a 2 seater.

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    Thanks guys for the info!! I was told this was a bolt in job! Here's what I've found: there is only one bilge siphon on the extended pump and my 750 has two. Can I swap this part to retain the two? Do I need to drill holes in my hull for the rear reinforcement bracket that holds up the tail of the pump? This extended pump came from a 96 SL900. It has trim and I want to retain the reverse. Anybody got a driveshaft for this pump?? Thanks again for all your advices/help!!

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    You can swap parts for the dule siphion. You can run trim and reverse if you want or just reverse.

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