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    What are your recommendations? I should have my ski on Friday and want to increase performance and stick with 87 octane gas.

    Prop? 13/19 bent to 12/19? I'm looking for an increase in bottom end mostly, increase in top end would be cool too. I might install a jet works mod eventually as well.

    Plate- i'll be getting a speed plate

    Grate- double bar the best?

    anything else i can add that will increase perfomance? i'll be getting waveeaters, D plate and sensor, and the PPK along with sealing the pump. I'll probbaly also pick up a set of sponsons.

    what kind of top end increase can i expect with the speed plate, grate, and new prop?

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    Once you start modding a XLT, an intake grate is a must, unless you like being launched off of your ski at 60mph. The R&D/Riva one has one bar, a scoop, then 2 bars. Not as many options for the XLT as there are for a GPR, but they seem to have gotten it right the first time. You will have awesome rough water hookup. I've got a ride plate from Jim in Tampa, I gained over 2 mph over the aftermarked Pro-Tec plate that was on it, but I can't compare it to a stock plate. Carl has his own modified plate; I can't speak for it, but I wouldn't hesitate to give it a try, I have no doubt you will see similar results.

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    This is a hell of a deal on a plate. If I had an XLT I would of bought it @175

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    If he still has that one, you need to jump on it!

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    i told him i'd buy it, but not until friday. i want to make sure i get the XLT first before i go buying parts for it!! the guy should be delivering it to me then.

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    Greg, FIRST Call me
    second. your heading in the right direction. there are a few "must- do's" on the XLT.
    Intake grate is a MUST! ( you WILL go over the bars with out it )
    Pump seal kit

    For the performance end of things, there are probably plenty of used parts flying around. You can pull a stock 13/19 no problem

    Talk soon

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    haha, i knew you'd tell me to call you. worth a shot though! i'll be calling you today to place an order and then pick your brain!

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    Nice talkin to you today Carl. I picked up a 13/19 off a forum member. Can't wait to get the ski together and on the water!!

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    Skysurfer. how do you like the 13/19? It seems that usually the 12/18 is whats recommended for our XLT's. I imagine the 13/19 is still better than stock, correct?

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    over stock the 13/19 was an extremely great prop. i noticed a very very nice bottom end increase and it pulls throughout the entire rpms hard. i'm sure it gave me some top end as well, but i was more interested in holeshot.

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