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Thread: H2O injestion

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    H2O injestion

    I some how injested some water into the cylinders, the plugs were pulled and cycled the motor to remove the water, started the machine and it seems to be fine. I changed the oil and i was wondering if there is anything else to be done.

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    the best thing you could do is go ride it for a bit to get it real hot and burn up the water vapors, then come back from riding, and change the oil one more time.

    other than that, seems like you handled it pretty well, shouldn't be any problem.

    was it salt water or fresh water??

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    it was fresh water

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    Bob... any idea how the water came up the exhaust? It sounds like everything will be OK.

    Where were you this weekend? With as much water as we covered on Sunday, I'm surpised we didn't cross paths.

    See ya on the H2O,

    Jeff & Annette

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    WEe were down by Orwood when a hose exiting this new filter come undone, so Kerry pulls me to a beach about 100 yds away--- I reatach the friggin hose and tried to start the bitch but my starter is not strong enough to compress this water that somehow found it's way into the heart of this machine. It didn't get tipped or rocked in any way. I just can't figure out how it back up like that. I thought maybe it entered through the intake but in the process of removing the innercooler and all it's plumbing there was no trace of water. I'm puzzled.

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    when he towed u in...did u clamp off that one hose they recommend when u need to be towed? Im not sure of the hose but it should have red tape on it.
    They say to clamp this when being towed or water can enter the craft (owners manual). Not sure if this was the cause??

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