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    Stage 1 Questions

    Was getting ready to purchase the Riva stage 1. However I think I should get the rear intake instead of the front which is included in their power filter. My question is with a stage 1 am I going to notice whether the filter is in front or in the rear? It's about 150 more for the rear so I was wondering if it was worth it.


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    its worth it.

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    I'm having the same problem. I want the 4'' rear

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    Remember if you ride in rough water,do alot of wave jumping your gonna want the front intake that way you dont suck any water into the SC..If you ride in realitivly calm water with little chop the rear would be the way to go..


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    Rear Air Intake Is The Way To Go.worth The Money:d :d

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    Way worth the money.. Just the sound of the SC with the Riva Rear makes it worth it!!!

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    Good Riva S1 setup...don't buy their kit anymore. Seriously though, buy it in individual parts. Here's what I like for a good S1 setup:

    Riva rear intake or 4" custom rear intake
    Riva or R&D wedge with the VTS extension rod
    Riva intake grate
    Solas 14/19 prop, and pitch accordingly if necessary (its pitched for the S1 with powerfilter intake, but you may need to pitch a little steeper to keep your RPM at 8100 due to the rear intake.)

    If you want, make it a solid S1 and throw in the RE opas blocks too. But to answer your question the rear intake is definately worth it.

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    I'm getting the Stage I upgrade with Metal Washers. Is the VTS Extension rod really necessary?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vidbuster View Post
    I'm getting the Stage I upgrade with Metal Washers. Is the VTS Extension rod really necessary?
    Not necessary, but it will help you a ton in chop and on hole shots when you need to trim down more. Once you install the wedge and trim all the way down according to your display, you will only be at neutral trim, unless you get the VTS extension rod. It will allow you to trim down more once the wedge has been installed.

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