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    Help with Impeller Pitch etc GPR HONDA

    I am not a that far away from having my GPR Honda conversion up and running (3-4 weeks hopefully).
    I need a little help in relation to a starting point on my my pump set up.
    I am running bone stock Aquatrax Turbo engine, yamaha Jetpump 1200r setup.
    Now I have a new Solas 13/19 impeller, which is the recommended one for the 1200r.
    On the solas website they recommend a 17/29 for the Turbo Aquatrax.

    I am not really that up on prop pitches so can any one with experience on here please give me some guidance

    Both GPR and Honda have 1200cc engines, similar HP.
    I really need a starting point.

    Solas recommend an 18/22 for a modified 1300r, that is not a million miles away from the recommmended Honda version.

    If in need to re-pitch the 13/19, can it be done and how much can a prop normallly be bent before I will run into problems.
    Please pardon my ignorance here but midifyig ski's is not my thing. I simply repair and leave the mods to others.

    All help is appreciated

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    any luck with a re pitched impeller? I would be interested in what you too the impeller pitch too and how the performance of the Honda engine was?

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