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    Help with yamaha GP1200R (overheated exhaust??)

    I have a 2002 GP1200R with about 100 hours on it. runs great, but now, after you ride it anywhere from 10-15min, it gives me a horn that the owners manual says is overheated exhaust. I have asked multiple dealers, one telling me that my impeller is bad and that its cavitating to much (its NOT cavitating and performance has not changed noticeably since the problem has started). The other (one that I trust more) says that either the cat is bad and needs replacing, or that the temp sensor in the exhaust is bad and needs replacing. He told me to take the sensor that is down stream from the cat and see if its bent up and if it is, then the cat needs to be replaced. I did that and the sensor appeared fine visually.

    My question to you guys, is that any of you or your buds that have worked on gp's, Have you ever had this problem? Anyone know a fix? The cat is pretty damned expensive from the dealer so I really am trying to avoid having to replace it.

    Can I run without the cat? I didn't know if there is some sort of lamda censor that might be down stream of the cat (the sensor I pulled to check the cat?) that might piss of the ecu for not having a cat in there?

    The main reason I want this fixed is our family is getting tired of the jetski scene, and are getting ready to sell it. So after this problem is fixed, its in damn good shape. So anyone that needs a good priced fast jetski from Iowa/Wisconsin area that will be forsale this coming summer, give me an email.

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    If you've checked the exhaust is actually getting water to cool it down, and it is, then it could be the cat. You can replace the cat with a 'D' plate and a chip which plugs into the exixting wiring loom. It's a fairly simple job that will be FAR cheaper than replacing the cat, and will release a bit more power. Check on the forums for online stores that can supply the parts. We don't run the cat as standard here in UK, so I guess our CDI unit is already programmed for the 'D' plate, and they run fine. Check that there is water getting to the exhaust through the intake line at the bottom left side of the engine compartment first though!

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    Here is a link for a D-Plate here. In any case it is not going to hurt you to remove the Cat converter.

    You need to remove the lower piece of the exhause (stinger). The first time I did it took all of 45 minutes.

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    Talking cat converter

    get a d plate

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    Also check to make sure your ground cable on your battery is tight and the cable grounding to the block. It sounds strange but overheat is the symbol I would get when I had a loose ground.

    I would get the D-plate (for insurance) even if The ground fixes it. Also get the cat "chip" it fools the computer into thinking the cat is still in place and operating correctly.

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    I have a 02 GPR as well and had the same problems at about 80 Hours. My mechanic opened her up and the cat had pretty much broken apart and was clogging up the exhaust. Put the D-palte in and the chip and runs like a champ now!

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    Check the wiring and the connector on the temp sensor! They are known to get funked up from working inside the hull, and that would be causing your problem. That's the cheapest fix and the first thing I'd look at.

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    Welcome to the forum Nheine

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