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    Anybody put tunes on this ski yet??

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    Here is some pics of some done to a 4tec SD.

    Here is one for a FX140.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
    Anybody put tunes on this ski yet??
    I think either Kristi or Jim put a stereo on their Ultra.
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    You ar correct "jscottmsc"... I have ordered the completely submersible speaker and amplifier system from PWC Industries. They are only producing 200 sets on their first production run. It is kind of pricy... $575 for 2-4" speakers, amplifier, switches and all necessary wiring. I am number 163. They stated that it should be completed middle of March. So hope fully they may be shipped later this week. They are hand made and not on a production line. I am connecting the speakers and amplifier to a XM Satellite receiver. Once I get this sytem installed, I will take some pix for all to view.

    Thanks, Jim

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    I've Goggled PWC Industries and come up with everything BUT personal watercraft.
    Does anybody have more web addresses that could help me figure out how to put a nice system on my Ultra??

    Thanks Hydro, js and Kristy .... this lets me know it's possible.

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    Contact Info

    PWC Industries, Inc.

    P.O. Box 60564
    Ft. Myers, FL 33906
    United States
    (239) 210-6100 [Phone]
    (239) 481-3077 [Fax]
    Todd Bootes [Contact]
    (real easy to remember URL ! )

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