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    Extended Warranty??

    Would like to get some viewpoints on the extended warranty option. Just wondering how many people have got it themselves and if itís worth the money?? Thinking about getting it for my rxp because I have heard if they break down it can be very expensive to get them fixed.

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    I bought a extended warranty when I bought my 05 RXT left over & my wifes 06' Wake edition. These were my 1st experience with 4 strokes & Sea doo so I said what the heck. I also knew of the SC clutch problems as well which was my #1 reason to do it. I have just recently replaced the ceramics with jerry's washers to avoid any further headaches. Even with a warranty, the time to rebuild would really put a dent in your riding time. Plus the dealer would rebuild with the same POS ceramics.
    The 05's had really cheap mats that would curl up at the ends & my warranty replaced all the mats with new adhesive. My start button is sticking a bit so I will most likely have them RR that as well.

    IMHO... extended warranty wouldn't hurt. Just swap out the SC washers as your 1st line of defense against future engine probs. Welcome to the forum & enjoy.

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    If you have the money BUY IT!

    I just bought an extended warranty since my 2 year one was gonna expire TODAY. Got another 2 years for $788.

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