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    ultra 250 covers paint problems

    Meet with dealer and kaw rep today, took lots of pics for evidence and inspected the inside of cover in the presence of the rep. Highly reccomend do not buy or use the stock cover sold for the ultras, very abrassive. Even the rep and dealer aggreed that they should reccomed a recall on this product directly to kawasaki headquarters. There is no disclaimer stating not to pull your ski with a cover on that is why the covers are designed with vaccum system. My stock cover actualy burned my paint, thats what the cloudy color was in the paint and would not rub out. The inside of the cover is filled with a orangish rust color where the red was buffed. My dealership is awsome and reasured me things will be made right.

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    Which dealership did you go to ? Was it Cycleworld in Baltimore ?


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    Thats why they are a KAWASAKI DEALER. Customers and issues come first with them.

    Good for you and Im truely happy that the problem will be fixed.

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    Wow and Richard just got me one in. I am not going to pull with the cover on. It will just be on while sitting so I should not have a problem. It is going to be used more for just storeing. I sure hope this is the case.

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    That Kawi dealer is trying to pass the buck by blaming the covers for damaging the paint The covers are made of the exact same material that has been used since 1999 and possibly before. They had better fess up to the real problem..the PAINT is defective.


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    I've had a similar problem with the Yamaha covers too. Certain parts of the ski(mirrors, rear side decks) got cloudy spots of abrasion. No paint on the covers though. These new covers don't have an inner liner unlike the covers used on the Aquatraxs and RXTs. So what we do is purchase white cotton flannel fabrics and cut em into large panels. Glue it on the underside using contact cement. We've been doin this on covers since 2003 when most of us switched to Yamahas. Now the same thing will be applied on the Ultra covers.


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    My sponsorship dealership is Pete's Cycle in Baltimore MD. Mr. John Leach is helping us out Joe Johnson and ME. Also provided us with Killer banners to display at all race site we attend. All round great dealership in all aspects...

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    $200 for a Kawasaki cover that I have to modify to NOT burn my paint?!?!?! I have a problem with that! I own a Kawa cover but it's still in the box. I had never planned on towing with it on but if my paint is too soft or the cover is too abrasive then something should be done about this. Both items have KAWASAKI plastered on them and neither of them were cheap!

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    I'm just using mine for protection when it sits outside. I've been letting it bake a while before putting the cover on. Honestly, I've never felt comfortable trailering with a cover on. I didn't get mine to the dealer yet.

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