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    Has Riva or R&D come up with a bypass for the limiter or reflash

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    Please someone come up with one soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GPR View Post
    Has Riva or R&D come up with a bypass for the limiter or reflash
    Not yet, but it's in the works

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    2014 FZ SVHO hits 80+ mph with a reflash only!!
    No other mods!!

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    Hope to see that new 2014 FZR in person this weekend at the HartFord, CT Boat show!!

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    beautifull ski,ship money for race !!! good idea

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    My 2014 FX SVHO has arrived at Triple L and I'll take delivery this coming week. My question is what's the break-in routine I need to follow ?

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    power trim

    Have you ever tried using power trim on a closed course? Twist grip trim is better.
    Quote Originally Posted by chrisandshazza View Post
    Sorry but I can't get my head around the fact their so called 'flagship' still has the manual trim. When loaded up (we have the black 12' SHO) to max capacity/weight the manual trim is a pain in the rear. your 2015/16 model line up can your engineers look at electric trim for your so called 'flagship' models. Look at your competition. Thank you

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    I had electric on my Kawa 300x and went bad. Same thing on my friends kawa. I rather have it manual, one less thing that can go wrong

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    so no changes to the vxr huh. i currently in the market and originally was only intersted in the RXPs as thats all my buddys ride...long story short im pretty much considering a 14 VXR as the front runner in my search, found one locally for 9,999. i lik the fact its smaller/lighter but im wondering now if i should spend the extra 4-5k on one of these new/improved SC models or do you guys think i could use that extra 4-5k to mod the VXR im looking at and if it would be able to compete with one of these SC models? or at least my buddys stock 10-12 RXP/XT lol (theyre not into mods)

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