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Thread: Thanks Carl!

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    Thanks Carl!

    Trying to get my 65U back together and needed the longer intake manifold to crank case bolts for adding a reed spacer. I live in a podunk town and nobody has them locally. Ordered them Monday or Tuesday (don't really remember) and had them Wednesday (that was standard UPS shipping!). I had forgot to ask for the washers but Carl sent them anyways (really didn't even think about it until I saw them in the box).

    Carl couldn't have made anything off of 16 bolts, but he took care of me like one of his better customers. (The $9 for shipping actually cost more than the bolts did!).

    Great customer service! Thanks again Carl.

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    A big one for Carl

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    Thanks Again! Glad we could help out. You must live in the backwoods down there, which is why UPS charged so much for a little box

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