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Thread: Hey Kawi guys

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    Hey Kawi guys

    I have a buddy that has an 05 or 06 15F.He would like to get it into the upper 60's.Whats the easiest way there? He is doing 63 stock on GPS.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Wow,not a single response?

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    RIVA RPM Kit with a sealed ride plate. That will do the trick.

    You can buy it from Jerry right here. Jerry will give you a great deal and excellent service.

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    mid to high 60s....r&d rideplate,impeller,exhaust,intake and some free mods like sealing holes in the rideplatre is about all it takes.

    personally i think the riva kits a little expensive. for me doing all this cost around 550. now i did get a little hands on and made my intake and exhaust custom and saved me loads of cash(about 100 on the exhaust after buying rivas outlet). and rivas sponsons take away alittle on top speed.

    its all in the details with the 15f

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    just playing!
    Ask the guys on the performance forums... they really know their ski's!!

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