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    Talking Seadoo Challenger 180 se

    I,m new to the whole boat Idea.
    I was wonder if the 2006 seadoo challenger 180 is a good boat.
    I cant seem to find any one who owns one or posts on a forum.
    everyone I talk to at different dealers tell me some thing different.
    I just want a good boat that will pull a wake board around the lake and tube or two but still not cost me an arm and a leg.
    If any one nows of any sites or has info on these boats it would be great.
    Thanks a lot

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    here's the thing about the challenger 180... in my opinion a single 215HP motor is underpowered, but twin motors with 310 HP would be overkill for a stock boat.

    that's why i dont like it... BUT, i absolutely LOVE the appearance and layout of that boat. i like that hull more than the speedster 200, but it's not an adrenaline rush of performance and speed.

    for cruising and minor towing and liesure, it's a great boat and the perfect size where it's not too big to maintain, but not too small that you get beat up on it and can't move around.

    i THINK it's top speed is somewhere in the high 40s mph? i forget, only been on once, it was awhile ago.

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