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    I have 3 1390 66v cylinders sold to another member and he pointed out that one skirt was rewelded on one of the cylinders 1 needs to be renicked and one has a ding on the port they were ported by Lowell don't know what their worth so make a offer

    I have 3 1200 66v cylinders one has a scratch that catches your nail one has pitting way below the ports by the skirt and one is fine I think again make offer on them not sure what their worth

    i have a wsm platinum piston kit for a 1200r brand new just opened to check out what's inside and one was used to measure out the 1200 cylinders for like 3 minutes lol 300shipped

    954-670-9154 will have pics up later or shoot me a text

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    I have posted a ton of pics on the 1390 jugs i bought from adrian. They are in rough shape, two of the three needs renicked and the third is questionable. Yes one of the jugs skirt has been broken off and tack welded back on. The jug that has the gouge will need to be welded and renicked as well as with one of the others (total of two will need welded and renicked @300 a piece)

    Id be very careful in buying from this kid so you dont have the headaches and lose money like i did. Paypal in the end gave me the money back after the kid refused to.

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    thatdude59 thanks for the post and i treat people the same way they treat me for future refrence but no hard feelings against what happened.

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