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Thread: Am I nuts?

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    Am I nuts?

    First, hi everyone!

    I tend to be more of a lurker/reader than an active participant. I am still learning. I have made it far enough that I thought it was worth asking this question now.

    I am looking at purchasing my first PWC. I already own a 27' bow rider, and it is great for my family (and me). I can pull tubes with my kids, hold a decent sized group of people and go reasonably fast. I have wanted to buy a PWC though. I have been watching them for a while now. I already have a double PWC lift for one at my place on the lake.

    I went to a local boat show and tried to learn as much as I could. I talked to a lot of people, looked at the PWCs and brought home a bunch of literature. I thought the See Doo Wake Board 215hp looked like a good place for me to start. I tend to research things, and I quickly found many posts on how the See Doos tend to end up in the shops far too often. I then found myself looking at the Yamahas. They sound like they are fairly reliable PWCs. The part that bothered me was they kept feeling somewhat boring even with their FX Cruiser High Output (I am probably wrong here, but it is just more of a sense from reading a lot...maybe too much). I liked the reliability, and they seemed like a stable boat (good for the family). My wife isn't wild about getting on one if she thinks she is going to tip over.

    As I said, the See Doo seemed to have quality issues. The Yamaha just wasn't hitting me right. There isn't a Honda dealer at the lake, so I threw this out too. The one machine that I kept coming back to was the Ultra 250X. This seems to have a more stable body (good for the family), better reliability (compared to the See Doo) and it still gives me some fun if I want it. I do keep a Mustang Cobra as a third car just for the purpose of having some fun. I am just saying this so everyone doesn't think that I am totally a minivan kind of guy...I'm not (although we do own an SUV).

    Ok, I know you are thinking this post is long enough, but I would like to give you some more information. I am 43 with a wife and 2 kids. I am not 22 and single.The lake that I am on is the Lake of the Ozarks. I am not in the roughest area of the lake, but I can still have some fairly large waves coming my way (3 feet or so), and I want to be able to deal with it. Also, I am not a mechanic. I am better at paying a bill than modifying a PWC, so I would prefer to get one as close to what fits me stock and not take it to the repair shop all of the time. No-one here would want to ride one after I modified it.

    Part of me thinks that I should just go for something without as much power like the Yamaha or the Kawaski Ultra LX. Another part of me thinks that given a little bit of time that I will really like the acceleration and potentially top-end speed (probably mostly the acceleration though). I would like this PWC to last me for at least 4 years if not longer. I keep coming back to the Ultra 250X. Am I nuts? Should I be looking at something else? Will this be something that will just terrify my wife? Can you ride it slower with kids or the wife (I am familiar with the SLO key, but I mean in a normal mode)? Will it be stable enough for my wife?

    I know that I am not the typical post here, but I am hoping that with everyone's knowledge that you can help a newbie.

    Thanks in advance.

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    That would be a ski that I would be proud to take to party cove. J/K

    I would say that would be a perfect ski for the Ozarks. With the rollers you get there and with all the bigger boats, I think the Ultra would feel at home there.

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    donot buy a under power ski you will regret it in the long run get what you really want 250x. all 3 seaters very stable. yamahas are very good in the rough water but a little slow for me personally.

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    Hands down you can't beat the reliability of a Yamaha. Their sleds, bikes, and PWC's are cream of the crop for reliability IMO. There's a story of a guy on one of my snowmobile forums that he sunk a SNOWMOBILE in a creek and it froze. It was underwater for over a month when it thawed enough for him to get it out. He changed the gas, cleaned the carbs, changed the oil in the injection tank and started it on the side of the trail and rode it home with no problems since.

    I'm just saying that if you want something you don't want to ever work on, the Yammi is for you. You're not going to win any races with a Yammi, but you'll always make it to the end.


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    get in touch with JD 1 on the forum... he owns Jet Draft... Personal watercraft business. He does it all, Seadoo, Yamaha, Kawasaki (not a dealer, he does repair, service, and performance work) ... he's at Lake of the Ozarks also

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    I think your thinking is right on. You can NEVER have too much power in a watercraft. I'm 50 and still looking for more speed from my stage 2 GPR everytime I ride it . The Ultra sounds like it would be perfect for your needs.

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    As a Sea Doo guy, I would suggest you go buy the Ultra 250.
    1) Ozarks is chop city so that hull will take care of you
    2) As stated above, if you get an underpowered PWC you will be sorry.

    Yamahas are reliable and the cruiser is nice, but it is sloooooow

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    Talking the Ultra 250x

    Get the ultra 250x it has the hp you need when you need it and also would be great for the family as well.Good Luck let us know what you get when you get one.And if you have any other Questions just ask


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    You say you want to keep it for four years, so reliability should not be a problem with any new four stroke. (not to mention the available extended warranties).
    I was in your situation last year with deciding on my first pwc. I got a sea doo gti because of price, hard to beat at $6,800 for a four stroke 130hp 3 seater. Has never given me a single problem at 65 hours, and is very stable. I wanted something I could pay cash for and it worked out great. I love the ski, but now 55 mph is starting to seem slower. lol.
    I have been eyeing the 250x since it first hit the rumor mill and it seems like a great ski. But I myself have decided against it for this year. I want to wait and see if any bigger problems arise other than the small gremlins like paint issues(which would annoy the hell out of me cause I keep my stuff pristine).
    A few things that people are reporting:
    1. Red paint scratches easily and comes off on a cloth or cover.(I wanted a red one!!).
    2. Starter bendix not engaging on first try with a few.
    3. All 20 gallons of fuel not usable: only 15 usable and 5 stays at bottom.
    4. Key operation not convenient (have to open glove box every time).
    5. Fuel consumption higher (as expected for the horsepower).

    These are all minor things, but things we now know due to the other members reporting back.
    If all of the above things are no big deal to you then I say go for it. Its a killer ski, and probably the best one out there right now in its price range.
    But me, I am waiting till 08

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    I bought my 250x about a month ago now, I have not had a chance to ride much because of the weather, but I really enjoy riding it when I had the chance.

    I had a 15f before and there is a night and day difference in the two. We have some very good friends that have the Yamaha fx ho. I think the ultra rides just as well with a good bit more power. Enjoy

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