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    Complete rebuild of seadoo lrv 4 passenger jetski

    Hello all. I am new to this forum and new to jetskis in general. I am interested in doing a project but I am going to need quite a bit of guidance so any input from everyone out there would be greatly appreciated. So I wanna take the 4 passenger seadoo lrv and take out its stock engine and put in something like a small block v8 in there...something in the realm of 300-400hp. Im assuming I would need a larger jet pump, larger impellar etc....but I don't know exactly what i would need. Is there anyone that can help me research what more I would need? If a small block wouldnt fit what would be the largest engine I could fit? and than maybe supercharge it? I dont' wanna build something that will be at extreme stress and only last a short time...I understand this is going to require quite a bit of moding but as of now I dont no where to start? Can someone point me i the direction of what kind of engine, jet pump, impeller, etc to use....where to get much it cost rouphly so I could get an idea of how much all this will cost...any input is greatly appreciated...thank you everyone in advance....

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    the stock seadoo 1500 215hp motor (2004-2009+) will do 300-400hp easy with mods
    ad a turbo and it can do 500+
    the 215hp stock pump can handle 300hp+ easily
    a 300hp ski could be built for about $5K with used parts
    and run a true 70mph with 2 or 3 riders
    welcome to the Hulk

    look here
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