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    Saturdays Ride

    I know some of you cannot ride now due to weather so I thought I would let you what you are mising.

    Rick and I went out to see how the gas holders performed. The following is how our ride went.

    Well we went for a ride yesterday so I could try everything out. Probably the wrong day as it turns out but the perfect day to test the can holders. We went about 100 miles to and from. We went from Sarasota down to Gasparilla Island and back. Wasn’t too bad on the way down with wide, about 3 foot rollers, sitting down we were going about 25mph and standing up about 30. Stopped twice on the way down to take a break and then stopped at Placida for some lunch. Stopped at the Fishery Restaurant, won’t stop there again.

    I decided to leave my top down on my wetsuit because I got hot on the way down. This will come into play later.

    Decided to head back instead of running over to Cayo Costa, good thing we did. About 5 miles from Stump Pass we ran into fog. Tried to stay close to shore, I could tell I was close when I saw the waves breaking on the shore. Lost sight of Rick a few times. As we got closer to Stump Pass I saw a big boat heading into the pass so we followed it in. We saw some rental ski’s heading out into the Gulf right into the fog. They didn’t stay out too long.

    We stayed around Stump Pass for a while and saw the fog seemed to be dissipating so decided to head back to the Gulf instead of taking the Intercoastal. Wrong move! The further north we went the worse the weather got. Plus there was no Intercoastal access until Venice Inlet, about 17 miles. Doesn’t sound like much unless you’re in 3 to 5 foot chop going, if your lucky 15 mph. Saw a couple of small sailboats on the way with their sails down and stopped at one to see if they needed help but they were OK, just paddling into shore. By this time I was freezing because Mike the brain surgeon left his top down.

    Finally saw Venice Pier and I knew the Inlet wasn’t too far from there. Yes, finally smooth water. When we pulled into the pass I pulled over to put my top up on my wetsuit. My legs felt like rubber and my fingers didn’t want to work. I had a hell of a time just getting my suit up! I guess when you are focused on a particular task you don’t think about much else.

    Anyway once we started up the Intercoastal I figured we were home free. Oh did I forget to say it started to rain. Luckily not bad just sprinkles. Well now we were racing the dark as we still had about 18 miles to go and it was about 5pm. Now normally I have no problem staying within the limits set in the Intercoastal but a low speed zone (I think its 10mph) wasn’t going to let us get very far, very fast. So I fudged a bit. There was not much on the water at this point so no body bothered us. Couple of 25mph zones and we just made it before dark. By the time we left the ramp the sun was down.

    All in all it was a good time and a good test of the equipment. I’m resting today after I clean the ski.

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    Quite a ride. From nice rollers to pea soup fog to unpredictable 4-6 ft waves. Challenging at times, but quite fun. Good to know our gas set ups worked flawlessly. Mike has a custom made rack while I'm using ratchet straps; both held without any problems. Looking forward to longer rides, just hope the conditions are better.

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