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    stock air box modifications-what?

    I have heard of modified air boxes, what exactly is done to them and what is the benefit? If I remove my short runner R&D air filter kit because of engine heat absorption and re-connect the stock box with possibly a blower fan directing fresh air from the front seat vent would this be better. I don`t want to get radical by modifiying the hull, I`m just looking for cooler air...PR...

    can the electrical system handle the load of a 3 or 4" boat blower fan running continuosly when the engine is operating? considering it is hooked up to battery power through an on-off switch?

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    Wow! no takers...PR...

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    What you described is exactly the way PPG does their air intake system.

    You can definately run a fan like you are talking about. Many others have done it with no problems.

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    Thanks Jerry, is there anything done to the actual box itself, or iis this someones trade secrets?...PR...

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    the system can handle two fans no problem...

    i would personally build your own air intake out of flex pipe or PVC... put the intake opening in a spot not susceptible to water entrance.... and leave the rest to ventilation... 4" fan pushing cold air in... another 4" fan suckin air out...

    would be a much better improvement over stock and R&D...

    or if you want, u can even leave the R&D power plenum and get some fans to make the hull temps cooler... that also will help.

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    Thanks Shibbs, can the electrical system handle the load of 1 or 2 fans running while the engine is running? Does it affect battery charging at all?...PR...

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    It can handle 2 fans no problem with the engine running and still have enough to charge the battery, and then some.... i would draw the line there tho after tha two fans personally... altho i know some people with fans, stereos, and hardwired GPS's all running off the electric system

    if you use the stock air box, i would suggest this.... open the air box and dremmel out all the baffles and plastic passages... have it be a completely hollow unobstructed air box.... then don't use the intake tract that goes along side the motor... it's too narrow and curvy... run your own PVC pips or flex tuve from the air box to the super charger... bore out the hole in the air bix going to the SC to be bigger since it's only like 2" or so.... and run a 3" or 4" tube from air box to SC

    then your fans... you'll have a very free flowing and unbostructed air intake this way with a cooler inside hull temp.

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    Is that 2 , 4" turbo atwoods or 2, 3" turbo atwoods

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