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    Engine Hoist & Lift Sling for Hull Maint.?

    ANyone here use one of those common Engine hoists with a standard Lift Sling to do maintenance on their PWCand trailer?
    I'm thinking of of putting that setup together, but I don't know how safe it would be.

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    use a regular seadoo sling & a engine hoist 2 lift mine on my trailer i just use a floor jack
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    Tom, I wouldn't want to LEAVE it that way for long. At least lower it down above some old tires.

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    Somebody on here built a wooden dolley instead of buying one.

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    I have built 3 of the wooden dollies for my skiis.

    I can get my double trailer through my guarge door. Its a pain in the ass to unload them after every trip to the lake.

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