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    HELP me make my Speedster 150 Faster!!!

    Hi.. Im brian and new to these boards..

    I just ordered a 2007 red and black speedster 150 215hp SCIC


    Ive seen a video where a independant magazine GPS'd the boat at 52.6mph... But ive read some reports on here of people going 57mph or faster..

    Im looking more for a bolt on and go package (something simple that i could remove if i have to take in for warranty)

    Whats the best bang for the buck?


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    Best Bang for your Buck!

    Best bang for you buck is going to be an Air Intake. I'm in the process of making one for my 06 Sportster 4-Tech. I will post pics when finished. I'm going from a 3" intake to a 4" and removing the air box. The idea is to use as short as possible run of intake pipe. No bolt on Intake kits are available for your boat yet. What ever you do don't miss the first 10 Hour service oil and filter change. I did mine at 10 hours and the oil and filter was way dirty. If you don't mind me asking how much was the new boat?

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    I got it at 5.99% interest..

    I gave $16,600 for the boat .. $900 for the 3 YR extended warranty and $525 for the cover and $425 for the bimini top..

    I feel i got a fairly good deal..

    P.S. i see intake air kits on ebay for $195.. for the RXT.. Will they work?

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    The stock 150 is fast enough, don’t change a thing.

    Hahahaha, oh I almost fell outta my chair on that one. The stock boat is not slow by any means, but you definitely stumbled into the right place if you want to turn up the heat on its performance. I’m sure in anticipation for your new arrival, you are busy reading every post, so you know I’ve had my 150 for a couple of months now. I can impart some wisdom I gained in that time:

    1) First, before you do any performance mods, get yourself a cheap GPS. It will tell you your real speed, because your instrument’s speedo will lie to you worse than an ex-wife on crack. I am averaging a GPS speed of 57mph at WOT in mine, and the speedo with read 46-49. I’m going to attempt some mods to make it more accurate, but it could never be used to accurately gauge your speed consistency.
    2) Only use premium gas. Performance will suffer on regular.
    3) Get a good break-in period in. I don’t want this to turn into another break-in discussion, because the opinions vary, but just search this and the jetboating site. Basically you’re going to constantly vary the throttle the first couple of hours. I wouldn’t go wide open in the first hour, but don’t baby it too much either, especially as the hours start ticking by. By my fifth hour, I was driving how I wanted, after a good warm-up, of course. Oh, and about the magazine’s testing to show top speed at 52mph, those boats were probably still young into their break-in periods, and the boat’s ECU was still limiting performance. Up to hour 5, 6, or 7 (depending on how you drive), the computer is retarding the timing (up to 6%) and enriching the gas flow (+5%), so its full potential is not available until the computer automatically resets to spec. And don’t believe your dealer, if they say they do that at the 10 hour service; they don’t, but the 10 hour oil change is still important (and coincidentally the same price as an oil change for a Porsche or Ferrari)
    4) One of the cheapest mods is to fill in the bolt holes on the bottom of the boat. I haven’t done this yet, but I hear it is good for 0.1 - 0.5 mph gain (hey, it all adds up).
    5) As anyone will tell you, a modification to the air intake is you best bang for the buck. Done right, you can expect 2 – 3 mph gains, and a much better throttle response. The intake on the SCIC is basically empty (except the rectifier, that should remain in any new intake), no filter, no flame arrestors, just restrictive tubing. A new, shorter intake will need some type of screen mesh to prevent large objects from getting sucked in the intake. A search for “air intake” will reveal everyone’s good 3” and 4” designs. The stock intake can be left in the engine bay for easy re-attachment on warrantee days.
    6) Now that you’ve got the intake done, your basically at a “stage 1” spec, and will be able to turn a good performance impeller like the Solas Concord 14/19R. That is supposed to be good for another 1 – 2 mph top end, while also giving you better acceleration. After installing the new impeller, you want to be turning 8100rpms wide open, if not, the impeller can easily be repitched to get you there.
    7) There is a sleeve around the impeller called a “wear ring”. In stock form this is made of a nylon plastic. Little collisions between the impeller and this ring will wear it away and start degrading performance. Probably by the 25th hour this could need replaced, though it has been found that you can flip it around once, it in will be like a new ring. Personally, I’ll be switching to a stainless steel ring very soon.
    There are replacement supercharger impellers available, that fit right in the existing SC, but from what I’ve seen, the performance gain versus price ratio doesn’t seem very good to me.
    9) This is no so much “for” performance, but to prevent performance degradation: Yes, the Sea-Doos have “closed-loop cooling”, but it still takes raw water through the intercooler and exhaust. Green Hulk sells a cheap strainer that will prevent weeds & junk from clogging the intercooler and hurting performance.

    That is it, as far as I know, of the cheap and easy stuff that’s effective. If I left something out, please let me know someone! Beyond this, are bolt-on mods like a better intercooler and engine & exhaust modifications that would be a lot more work to remove, if needed.

    I’m still learning, so I hope there are more cheap & easy ideas.

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    WOW that is some great INFO... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

    I just got an email from the owner of RIVAMOTORSPORTS..

    he told me that they dont make any parts for this boat and to just leave it stock... (WHAT IS HE NUTS??)

    Why doesnt someone make an intake for this sucker.. (i hate making cheap looking parts)

    57MPH out of this little sucker... WOW.. I wasnt expecting that..

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    see my mods to 150 Speedster, X charger, thru the hull exhaust, 4" air intake, Solas Concord R impeller, stainless wear ring, catch can, etc. huge gains and almost 9 mph on top end. Ron

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    Wow ah you do realize this post is from 2007.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    see my mods to 150 Speedster, X charger, thru the hull exhaust, 4" air intake, Solas Concord R impeller, stainless wear ring, catch can, etc. huge gains and almost 9 mph on top end. Ron
    Good top speed...

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