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    Newbie question regarding hull trueing.

    I've read in a few threads that many guys "true" their hulls; what does this entail & what do you use a reference point?

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    Do a search on "hull trueing" on this forum... not just in "yamaha performance". There is a lot of info on this subject that is very helpful.

    In a nutshell:

    The general results was about a 1 mile/hr gain.... assuemeing that you did not have major hull problems to begin with. You should gain more if your hull is beat up bad.

    The biggest improvement for me was the improvement in handling, especially in the turns. The strakes are usually sharpened when you true, unless you deliberately round them out. Sharp strakes allow you to turn crisper with less slide.

    Keep in mind that the faster you go, the "truer" your hull should be. If you have bad spots in the hull, then the drag it creates increases exponentially with increasing speed.

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