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    Northeast Guys! Hudson/NYC Ride Nov. 5 and/or 6

    Sorry this is in the wrong category, but no one looks at the local rides section! lol... i'll get a little more publicity on this forum section... you can move it after i get a day's publicity

    What's up guys! Listen up, weather past week has been awesome. This weekend is only supposed to be as good or better! We're gonna ride, so get your skis outta hibernation if you already winterized them. If you already winterized, just bring the ski and i'll de-winterize and re-winterize it for you personally for free!! LOL

    Vman (Vic) called me today and he wants to ride. He's got an extra ski that i think i'm gonna drag my dad along to come for a ride, he'll love it.

    There's already a prospective ride for sunday being organized by BDNJ. ( see local rides section)

    I'm definitely gonna be out there Saturday with Vic doin something. We are thinking maybe riding from newburgh area up to albany. we did this ride this past summer and it was a blast. so much smooth water to jsut haul ass right up and back down the river. Will be shielded on the river, nice warm air, cool water, our machines are gonna be smokin fast! Or we might do NYC and lower hudson around manhattan... First seein if there's any interest out there for you guys to join us. and then we'll take a vote of where you guys would like to primarily ride.

    Then Sunday may be another option for you guys, not sure if i'll be out sunday or not (weather permmitting) that's BDNJ and his crew, but i'm not sure if i can make that day or not.

    Let's hear from you guys! Let's get out there and ride before winter sets in. any questions or concerns you can e-mail me or post away!


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    Damn that is a ride I always wanted to do. I flew a small plane down the hudson, around the statue of liberty and then up the east river. Dont know if you are even allowed to do that anymore

    I wish I was up there for the weekend with my ski. When I saw the movie Hitch I was really jealous.

    Have fun.

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