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    1988 Yamaha WR500 - Need Help Removing Starter

    I let the hull of the ski fill up with water about 1/3 full to 1/4 full. Now the starter wont do anything. Hit the starter with a hammer and it works now, but acts like it doesn't have the power to turn engine over fully. New battery (good one) and the starter turns engine over great with plugs removed, but barely will move with them in. I tried using a battery charger to "boost", but it heats it up too much. I am pretty sure the starter must have gotten wet and messed up.

    What is the best, easiest way to remove and re-install the starter? Is there a tutorial, video, pics, etc. out there? I can't even see the thing...just can feel it (barely). Not looking forward to the job.

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    I have the same ski as you, and I think the best way would be to either take the gas tank out and see if you can't get to it then (may be easier if you can tip it on its side), or if that doesn't work, you'll most likely have to pull the engine out. I belive I saw in another thread someplace that its best to take out the bolts that hold the motor mounts to the ski (leaving them attached to the engine), instead of leaving the mounts in the ski. This way, you avoid having to re-shim the motor when you put it back in.

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    Just saw that I did post a thread about this, so I'm bringing the information back up. Some ideas, thoughts, and help with this would greatly be appreciated.


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    I'm guessing by the lack of interest in my thread that there must not be very many guys on here that know much about my ski. I'm hoping to have some time to work on it this weekend if I can get some help and advice.

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